Best Geocaching App

All outdoor adventurists are sure to fall in love with this one of a kind real-world treasure hunt game with a twist. The twist basically lies in its techie angle towards the treasure hunt.

It involves finding a geocache that is hidden by another player by means of a GPS tracking system to guide to the co-ordinates of the location.

What is Geocaching?

It is a recreational activity that involves the use of GPS or Global Position System to hide and seek containers called as Geocaches anywhere around the world. A geocache is typically a logbook that is placed inside a container.

The logbook needs to be signed off by the player who has discovered it with details of his name and the date it was found.

How does it work?

Follow the below steps to get started on your techie treasure hunt game of Geocaching

  • Step 1 – Create a Free Geocaching Account – Explore, discover and search for geocaches in your location across the world. Access more tools with a premium paid membership
  • Step 2 – Get started with your Geocache Hunt – Use an official App to pick a geocache and hunt its location with your mobile device’s GPS system.
  • Step 3 – Finish and Share the Experience – After you discover the geocache, sign and enter the date in the logbook. Re-hide the geocache in the same place and share the experience.

Finding the Right Geocaching App

A smartphone or mobile device does the geocache hunting job well with a dedicated GPS unit that can point out to the locations for the deep outdoor searches. But picking the best App can be quite a challenge. Thanks to multitude option of Geocaching Apps in the marketplace.

So, below are some of the top Geocaching Apps to help you in your journey


This is the first App that was licensed to use the Geocaching interface and is available for Android mobile devices. It is comprehensive and always runs updates to keep its App up-to-date. One of the most widely used app for geocaching, it provides a 30-day free trial. So check it out for yourself and take to free exploring, if you are a beginner.

C: Geo

This is the best free Android app for geocaching that has been around for a long time now. It provides a great geocaching experience almost in tandem with the paid Geocaching Apps. One of the highlights of this app is its social feature that lets you view others hunting for their geocaches. Along with other features, it provides a great interface even though it is not licensed to use the official geocaching API.


This Android app is a top competitor of Cachesense and is well put together with frequent updates. It also has a cool social function to help see other voyageurs on a map, and you can also share your location. You can also send others a message through this feature. Another advantage of this app is it’s easy to use interface and navigation-friendly feature to target the geocache.

Geocaching by Groundspeak Inc

For a first-time geocacher with an iPhone or iOS device, this is the best place to start with. The official app produced by the geocaching mothership, Groundspeak is very user-friendly to search, hunt and log your catches with ease.

One great functionality of this app is the ability to download pocket queries. With this feature, you can quickly download and save caches for offline use without relying on your data networks to retrieve the information.

Looking 4 Cache Pro

Another iPhone and iPad Apple-friendly app, it has both a free version and a paid professional version for download. With this app, you can log on to multiple user accounts simultaneously and so, it makes it great for those friendly team hunting adventures. Also has decent offline functionality with a simple and easy to navigate user-interface. It is widely used in the i0S market and provides great functionality.


Ultimately, the right choice of a good geocaching app really depends on your preferences and requirements. You need to give them a try before deciding on the best Geocaching App since some apps are beneficial under certain scenarios. So, all the best geocachers. Happy hunting!

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