Best GPS for Boat Fishing and Navigation: Anchoring on the Best Product

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The world of navigation and fishing have always been partners that go hand in hand when it comes to bagging any catch, from smallest to the deadliest. Together with the best GPS for boat fishing, more and more enthusiasts have been relying on this piece of technology to guide them towards their favorite fishing spots, as well as areas where fish is aplenty.

GPS and Fishing

GPS technology has been around for quite some time and has initially been used by the military for tactical purposes. Ever since it was released for commercial use, GPS devices have made their way around different industries for a variety of applications previously unheard of.

Take sports fishing and fishing in general for example. A few decades ago, fishermen relied on the old school map-and-compass system to get their bearings out there at sea. There are also those who are more hardcore and can still navigate through reefs and search for fish using constellations and the phases of the moon as their guide.

Recent developments, however, have seen people transition from old and proven methods towards a device backed by new advancements in navigation technology. It also allowed newer fishermen to go head-to-head with seasoned veterans, especially since there is no special training required for fishermen to use this.

There are still fishermen who use manual methods as a failsafe, but the majority of fishermen now rely on the best GPS for boat navigation to meet their quota. It is convenient and easy to use, and the accuracy is off the charts as compared to the trial-and-error methodology.

GPS Devices for Fishing

Here are three of the best GPS devices for fishing and boat navigation:

1. Raymarine Dragonfly Fish Finder with Built-in GPS


All-weather Display

The Raymarine GPS device for fishing comes with a 4.3-inch all-weather, high-definition LED that is optically bonded so that it can provide a sharp output with wide angles and no internal fogging.

Dual-channel SONAR

The ultra wide-spectrum CHIRP DownVision SONAR that comes with this GPS device provides you with photo-like images, and another SONAR device uses conventional channels to search for fish.

Smartphone Connectivity

Raymarine’s Wi-Fish mobile app allows you to live stream SONAR data from your GPS device to your mobile phone, and this allows you to save, rewind and share your activities on your favorite social media site.

Maps Included

This GPS-mapping device comes with coastal maps, as well as US lakes and rivers in its database. More maps can be downloaded as well.

CPT-DVS Transom Mount Transducer

The Raymarine Dragonfly CPT-DVS transom mount transducer pairs the fishfinding elements of the two CHIRP devices which results in a high level of subsurface visibility.

Mounting Options

This GPS device comes with a ball-and-socket mounting system that allows you to mount it anywhere, and then move it as necessary. Other mounting kits may also be paired with GPS devices as needed or preferred.


  • High-quality product
  • Easy to use without reading the manual
  • Convenient to adjust and navigate
  • It can be mounted anywhere.
  • Navigation works great
  • Waypoints are easy to set and track
  • Effortless set-up
  • Works well with any boat set-up
  • The DownView feature rocks.


  • Start-up can take a while
  • Controls can be hard to reach
  • Controls can be backlit
  • It can use a sun cover for a better LED resolution.
  • A delay between loading pages

2. Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 53CV with Transducer


ClearVU Scanning SONAR

The built-in high-frequency SONAR provides photo-like images with detailed representation of whatever it scans underneath the ocean waves.


The built-in CHIRP SONAR makes a continuous sweep on all available frequencies, and these sweeps provide a wide range of information and better target separation.

5Hz Internal GPS

The internal GPS of this device rates at 5Hz, and it can update your position and heading at least five times per second which makes it easy to mark and return to waypoints easier.

LakeVu HD Maps

This GPS device comes with about 17,000 maps of lakes and shore contours, with a database that can be expanded as you go along.

Dual-Scanning System

This GPS device from Garmin comes with a built-in 500W CHIRP traditional SONAR and CHIRP ClearVu scanning SONAR, both of which combine to provide in-depth and detailed undersea imagery for your fishing needs.


  • Easy to work with
  • High-quality product
  • Convenient to setup
  • Keeps track even at longer depths
  • Clear and detailed images
  • Good screen display
  • Simple to use
  • Straightforward instructions


  • Shuts off on its own sometimes
  • Attachment cable can be too short

3. Lowrance HOOK2 5 – 5-inch Fish Finder with SplitShot Transducer


Wide SONAR Coverage

The built-in DownScan SONAR and CHIRP SONAR of the Lowrance GPS Device give you double the coverage with multiple views.

Detailed Maps

This GPS device comes with preloaded CMAP maps of over 3,000 lakes that can be expanded with an additional 9,000 lakes.

Large Screen

This GPS device comes with a 5.5-inch fishfinder screen that gives you great imagery of the undersea views.


  • Light and compact
  • User-friendly
  • Good images
  • Gives water temperature readings
  • Convenient to use
  • Fits anywhere


  • Images get blurred at faster speeds

Best GPS for Boat Fishing and Navigation

All three devices come with advanced SONAR technology, and all three also have dual SONAR systems that allow you to cast signals downwards while maintaining a constant sweep forwards. This gives you a better picture of what you can see underneath and helps find those hidden spots whenever possible.

However, the Raymarine Dragonfly Pro Chirp Fish Finderedges out the other two GPS devices on the list with its advanced features and connectivity. While SD Card Slots and Wireless Connectivity are also available with the other two devices, the Raymarine Dragonfly GPS Device comes with a high-definition screen that gives you better imagery, even under direct sunlight.

The Raymarine GPS Navigation Device comes with its detachable mount that is flexible and upgradable. It also comes with its mobile app, the Raymarine Wi-Fish which allows you to sync the data directly to your phone, letting you share your images and charts online.

GPS devices made for fishing have specialized features that allow you to find fish intelligently and efficiently. Combined with advanced SONAR systems, these GPS devices can ensure that each fishing trip will be successful.