Best GPS Mount: Nothing but Stability for Your Navigation

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The best GPS mount on your dashboard is one of the greatest accessories that you can add to your car. It doesn’t only help you navigate easier through different locations, or find the most convenient routes going to your destination, but also adds a certain level of security on your vehicle with its ability to be tracked down.

However, one common problem that is often encountered by vehicle owners is looking for the perfect spot to place the device. Having it on the windshield not only reduces the driver’s field of vision, but the mere act of doing it is banned in a number of states and countries.

Luckily, we’ve found a way to maintain the level of safety for the driver while also providing the maximum capabilities of the GPS unit without damaging anything, as what adhesive mounts often do.

Best GPS Mounts: Our Three Picks

We now welcome you to an intensive review of three different GPS mounts. We’ll look into the three GPS mounts found on the market today and lay down their features, benefits, and drawbacks. In a world full of uncertainty, we want nothing but the most stable mount for you, so fasten your seatbelt and relax, we’ll be taking the wheel for a little while so please just enjoy the ride!

1. AmazonBasics GPS Dashboard Mount

The first on the list is the AmazonBasics GPS Dashboard Mount. This is a type of GPS mount that works by adding friction between itself and the dashboard for stability. We picked this mount because it works with all kinds of suction mounts, meaning, the size of the GPS unit you can install depends on the capabilities of the suction mount.


This friction mount weighs 1.21 pounds with dimensions of 8.2 by 7.5 by 1.1 inches. It has three padded arms that add to the overall weight of the mount to provide more friction together with the sticky rubber at the bottom of this mount. It is also equipped with a black disk at the center where you can install your suction mount.


  • One-year limited warranty
  • Does not slip from the dashboard
  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with almost all kinds of dashboards
  • Can easily be taken off the dashboard if you won’t be using it
  • Ideal for drivers who live in states where windshield mounts are illegal


  • The suction mount is not included in the package.

2. ChargerCity Beanbag Friction Mount

Next on the list is the ChargerCity Beanbag Friction Mount. This is also a friction mount that is compatible with a wide variety of GPS units and even smartphones. Since it is a friction mount, it can be removed easily, and maintenance only includes washing or cleaning with water.


The dimensions of this mount are at 5.5 by 7.6 by 1.9 inches, and the weight is approximately 1.65 pounds. Its flat black finish adds to its overall aesthetics. It works by clamping the device through a spring lock, and a couple of bumps on the base are integrated to hold the device in place.

The series of bumps also allows you to adjust the inclination of the device to align it with your field of vision. Additionally, the bottom of the base has a Jello mechanism to provide more friction, so all you need to do is to peel off the plastic film.

The device also has a spring lock, and together with the bump, the device won’t be turning even if you’re driving on bumpy roads. As per its use, it can fits 3.5- to six-inch devices, which is perfect if you’re using a smartphone. However, the clamp only lets you use your device horizontally, so if you’re using a smartphone, you’ll probably have trouble using it in portrait mode.


  • Stable and stays in place
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Ideal for drivers who live in states where windshield mounts are illegal
  • Compatible with most devices
  • One-year direct replacement warranty


  • Horizontal orientation only

3. APPS2Car GPS Dashboard Mount

Lastly, we have the APPS2Car GPS Dashboard Mount. This is also a friction mount with a spring clamp top that fits a wide variety of devices. The bottom also has a rubber finish to provide friction on the dashboard.


This device weighs around 1.7 pounds and has a size dimension of 7.6 by 5.5 by 2 inches. It has a series of bumps at the base and works by clamping the device using the spring lock. This spring clamp keeps prevents the GPS unit from twisting and turning while on the dashboard.

This mount also allows aligning the device according to your field of vision by readjusting it through the bumps at the base. Additionally, the peel-off plastic film used uncovers a jello block at the bottom for greater friction. Hence, It doesn’t break any GPS mounting laws since it can be securely placed on the dashboard. Lastly, this mount can be used with a wide variety of GPS units and smartphones with sizes ranging from 3.5 to 6 inches.


  • Stable and stylish
  • Ideal for drivers who live in states where windshield mounts are illegal
  • Compatible with most devices


  • GPS device can only be used in landscape mode


It has now come to the final part wherein we would have to decide which mount would be the best accessory that we’ll see inside your car. After a thorough look into the different mounts and careful consideration of all their features, we have concluded that the best GPS mount for you is the ChargerCity Beanbag Friction Mount.

Although the ChargerCity Mount and the APPS2Car GPS Dashboard Mount are virtually the same, the former exceeds the latter by one crucial factor. The ChargerCity Mount is covered by a one-year direct replacement warranty while the APPS2Car isn’t.

The ChargerCity is also great because it’s ready to use out of the box and does not need any additional mount like the AmazonBasics GPS Dashboard Mount. Although, if you already have a suction mount and would prefer using your GPS device in portrait mode, then the AmazonBasics would be the best one for you.

All these three mounts will provide you with a sturdy, steady, and stable mount for your GPS unit. It’s all a matter of what you currently have and need. What matters most is that you maintain the safety that is needed on the road. After all, attentive driving is the best feature that you need to bring while inside the car.