Best GPS Watch for Kids: Your Child’s Safety Matters

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Want to keep track of your child’s location but think they’re not ready yet for a cell phone? A GPS watch offers you the perfect solution! This device will also help you in keeping your communication lines open with your child and will take the guesswork out from your busy schedule. The best GPS watch for kids will let you know the best time to pick them up, to set reminders on their devices or even to send SMS for them to take their medicine, among others.

So, in this article, we’ll show you three of the top GPS watches for kids that will help you monitor them from a distance and will give them a quick, emergency access to you should they need help.

Best GPS Watch for Kids: Top Three Picks for 2018

Findtime Kids Smartwatch

This GPS smartwatch comes with the following features:

  • AGPS + LBS Positioning

The Findtime Kids Smartwatch is equipped with AGPS + LBS positioning tracking to provide you a real-time update on where your child is. It also provides a historical record of his or her whereabouts.

  • Quick-Access SOS Key and Silent Call Back Function

With one press, your child can make an emergency call that connects directly to preset numbers in the watch. Additionally, you can listen in anytime to your kid’s surroundings through the silent call back function.

  • Two-way Call

Using a 2G network, the Findtime Kids Smartwatch doubles as a phone that your child can take and make calls with. It also allows for voice chatting.

  • 1.54-inch Colored Touch Screen

The smartwatch phone GPS tracker comes with a large, colored display screen that’s sure to engage kids, whether they are using a learning software in the watch, checking the weather, doing voice chats, and more.

  • Additional Phone-Like Functions

Besides tracking kids and taking or making callings, this GPS smartwatch also has an alarm clock that can be set off at three different times. It also provides a calendar and weather forecast update. Your child can also use it to listen to music or take pictures.

  • Learning Software

Kids can also use the watch as a learning tool. Simply download an educational app that will keep him or her engaged and learning.

  • Class Disable Function

Worried that your child would be busy tinkering with his or her phone in class? This smartwatch can be disabled during specified class hours so that your little one can focus on his or her classroom tasks.

  • Android- and iOS-Compatible

Its app CareEscort2 runs on both Android and iOS systems.

  • 3ATM Water-Resistance

The Findtime Kids Smartwatch is specially designed for active kids. It is water-resistant and will survive spills and splashes.


  • Easy to use
  • Effectively helps you keep track of your child
  • Has the biggest screen of the three products in this review
  • Comes with nice extras, from camera and MP3 functions to learning apps.


  • Might be too big for kids under four years old

TickTalk 1.0S Touch Screen Kids Smartwatch

The smartwatch has the following features:

  • WiFi + GPS + LBS Positioning

Using three-way locators, the TickTalk 1.0S Touch Screen Kids Smartwatch helps you trace where your child has been and where he or she is currently. It comes with 2D and 3D maps.

  • SOS Icon or Button and Super Hearing Feature

When your child needs your help, he or she can click the SOS icon on the screen or hold the SOS button for three seconds. This connects your distressed kid to a preset phone number. And when the watch is not in use, TickTalk automatically calls the preset listener’s number so that he or she can listen in silent mode.

  • Two-Way Call and 13-Contact Capacity

Using a 2G connection, the TickTalk 1.0S Touch Screen Kids Smartwatch lets your child make or receive phone calls to and from the preset contacts. It can store up to 13 numbers. Additionally, it also lets you send voice messages.

  • 1.22-inch Colored Touch Screen

This GPS tracker smartwatch sports a colored, high-resolution display screen and uses big icons, making it easy for kids to use.

  • Additional Phone-Like Functions

This GPS smartwatch by TickTalk also has a pedometer, calculator, calendar, and stopwatch.

  • Android- and iOS-compatible

Its app works with Android and iOS phones. It’s compatible with T-mobile, Metro PCS, and Ultra Mobile GSM SIM cards. The smartwatch comes with a free SpeedTalk SIM card.

  • 2G GSM Network

The TickTalk 1.0S Touch Screen Kids Smartwatch works in areas with 2G coverage.


  • Great device for tracking your kid and talking with him or her
  • User-friendly for kids


  • The priciest of the three products in this review.
  • Needs a monthly subscription

SZBXD Touch GPS Kids Smartwatch

This GPS tracking smartwatch features:

  • GPS + LBS Positioning

The SZBXD Touch GPS Kids Smartwatch uses a two-way locator system. Parents can get an update of their kid’s whereabouts via SMS, app, or website.

  • Quick Access SOS Alert

With just one click on the screen or side button, a child can send an SOS alert to his or her parents.

  • Two-Way Call with Up to 10 Phone Contacts

The SZBXD Touch GPS Kids Smartwatch supports two-way calling. You can also save up to 10 numbers in the device.

  • 1.44-inch Colored Screen

This GPS tracker smartwatch boasts of a 1.44-inch screen that makes clicking and swiping easy for your child.

  • Additional Phone-Like Functions

The SZBXD Touch GPS Kids Smartwatch also comes with a pedometer, alarm clock, LED light, and camera. A unique feature is its ability to get commands from you to take snapshots of your kid’s surroundings.

  • Android- and iOS-Compatible

Its app is compatible with Android and iOS phones and supports 2G GSM micro SIM card.

  • 2G GSM Network

The TickTalk 1.0S Touch Screen Kids Smartwatch works in areas with 2G coverage.

  • For Worldwide Use

This GPS tracking smartwatch is unlocked for worldwide use.


  • Camera can take snapshots of your child’s environs without having to ask him or her to operate the watch
  • Most affordable of the three products in this review


  • Takes photos from the side
  • Needs a monthly data plan to work


So, which one’s the best GPS watch for kids? We recommend the TickTalk 1.0S Touch Screen Kids Smartwatch, which uses a more reliable positioning combination of WiFi + GPS + LBS. While the reading can be off sometimes, simply restarting the app from your device will help you get the correct location of your child.

If your budget is a bit low, then either the Findtime or SZBXD Touch GPS Kids Smartwatch makes for a good alternative in keeping track of your child’s whereabouts. You’ll love Findtime’s silent call back function and class-disable feature as well as SZBXD’s built-in remote-controlled camera.