Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch Review

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Wouldn’t it be nice that when on a golf course one could have a nice little gadget that will have all the info on the course, provide hole information and progress along the green without any fuss?

And, of course, there is such a device that helps you by guiding you through the hazards and layups and providing hole information on many golf courses in more than 30 countries around the world and it is called Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch.

Why should you use a golf GPS watch?

A golf GPS watch brings many improvements to your game. You can always go without any digital assistance and you will have to rely only on your eyesight and memory of the certain golf course.

But in this day and age, the digital golf GPS watch is something that no modern golfer should be without. The different features paired with a good battery life will enable you to track your overall progress over on the course.

Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch

The Bushnell company has been making fine optical devices for a long time and has expanded in producing some interesting gadgets that find their use on the golf course.

The really cool features and design make the Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch the simplest choice for the golfer that wants to improve their skills and have insight into the incoming hole on many, many golf courses around the world.

Main features

  • Information on 35,000 golf courses in 30 countries available on the watch
  • Long battery life up to 16 hours in GPS mode and up to one year in time mode
  • Time and date displayed in a digital display
  • Auto course recognition and auto hole advancements
  • Easy to read front, back, and center distances
  • Shot distance calculator
  • Built-in odometer to track the walked distance
  • Hazard and layup distances that show what lies ahead
  • Clear LCD display is easy to read in most light conditions
  • Legal for tournament play due to simple options
  • One year limited warranty


Below we are outlining the main pros the Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch has to offer:

  • Tee Time function turns the GPS course finder
  • Large display with easy to see letters in various lighting conditions
  • Lightweight design blends as any other sports watch
  • Auto-off setting enables you to set a maximum time per round
  • Shows the distance to the hazards up to 4 per hole
  • Waterproof performance
  • Easy setup and operation


And here are the main cons we found about this product:

  • Can show some issues with charging cable
  • Cheap feel of the silicone/rubber wristband

The Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch is a nice rangefinder watch that has proved itself on the golf course. Featuring about 35,000 golf courses without the need for any kind of fees and subscriptions, it uses GPS to locate the correct one you are on and assists you in applying the appropriate strategy while enjoying your play.

The operation is pretty simple, you just put it on your wrist, load the course you are playing on with the push of a button and you are ready to go. It’s typical time to first fix or TTFF is about 45 seconds.

There is an auto-hole advance option that when turned on, enables you to just continue with your play without the need to scroll through the holes on the watch.

You will actually need to carefully read through the instruction manual and go over all the possibilities, but after you get the hang of it, you should not be having any issues and you can have fun on the green.

Due to its simplicity and its compliance with the USGA rule 14-3/.05, the Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch is rated legal for tournament play. Even though it is an entry level golf watch and it does not come with any additional gear or a smartphone app, you still get a nice product that actually provides help on the course.

There is also the option to update the Golf GPS with the latest maps of golf courses, the customer support is very welcoming to additional requests for updating the golf course database.


The Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch is a nice GPS golf watch, but it is far from the single choice on the market. We have looked over and found that the Calloway GPS Golf Watch is very similar to this one.

The Calloway company is known for making specialized golfing equipment and their GPS Golf watch is no exception. This one is loaded with 30,000 golf courses around the globe available through GPS, without the need for any fees or subscriptions.

Same as the Bushnell Neo Ion, the Callaway is primed with accurate distances for the front, center, and back distances, hazard and layup distances, auto – course recognition, auto-hole advancement and shot distance measurements.

Unlike the Bushnell, the Calloway has the ability to track scores via a scorekeeper, GIR, and putts per round. It also shows time in an analog or digital display, and the time and date are automatically set via satellite.

The battery life of the Bushnell is much longer than the Calloway, due to the simpler menu and provided GPS options. Both of these come with built-in odometer so you can track the distance you have passed on the green.

Concluding thoughts

When looking for an entry-level GPS golfing assistant and don’t want to spend top dollar, but still, have a tournament legal GPS golf watch, you can select the reasonably priced Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch.

This watch comes in three different colors, with a long silicone wristband that fits over every wrist. The offered 35,000+ golf courses are available via the GPS available auto – recognition option.

Paired with the interesting auto-hole advance, hazard and layup distances, shot distance calculation and built-in odometer, this decent GPS golf rangefinder watch is of great assistance on the green and a simple timepiece of the green.