DeLorme AG-009871-201 inReach SE

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The Delorme AG-009871 inReach SE comes as a most resourceful travel companion for travelers going to the almost-unreachable areas on earth. Whether one is traveling by land, air or by sea, or are just going to a very inaccessible place, this satellite communicator comes as a must have.

Hunters, recreational pilots and outdoor enthusiasts should not forget to carry it on expeditions since it supports remote connectivity and SOS features. The Delorme AG-008871 inReach also allows users to share their journey’s progress, and the progress made.

This, in turn, works to assure one’s family members that one is safe wherever they are. The importance of this satellite communicator is unexaggerated, and with the features below, one can make up their mind on whether to buy this specific satellite communicator.


  • The inReach satellite communicator provides users with 100% global coverage. This is made possible through an uplink and downlink transmission facilitated by the Iridium satellite network. There is the possibility of having all confirmation notifications delivered for any text messages sent, or for any SOS signals.
  • This inReach satellite communicator has a color screen. The screen is quite developed to symbolize the usual smartphone screens. The virtual keyboard makes it possible to have standalone two-way messaging.
  • The DeLorme AG-009871-201 inReach SE has the capability to trigger an immediate SOS message, and back and forth interactions with GEOS. GEOS is Delorme’s around-the-clock search and rescue center that is in charge of monitoring all users of the DeLorme AG-009871-201 inReach SE.
  • The DeLorme AG-009871-201 inReach SE also provides the users with the opportunity to send or receive 160-character free form texts by making use of the GPS coordinates to the preferred email addresses or cell numbers to any location in the world.
  • The satellite communicator also provides its users with the capability to have adjustable intervals for tracking. This can range from 10 minutes to 4 hours and it allows one to track their journey and consequently share their location. The information shared includes GPS coordinates, their elevation and the speed of travel.


  • Can be used in stand-alone mode or can be paired to one’s smartphone or related devices through the Earthmate application. The Earthmate application doesn’t require one to have cellular or Wi-Fi services to be functional. One only requires a Bluetooth option on their smartphone to make the connection.
  • One can also easily upload any data regarding their trip with the availability of good internet connectivity. This goes for data regarding trails, routes and waypoints. This is a great advantage in the case one loses the DeLorme AG-009871-201 inReach SE.
  • The DeLorme AG-009871-201 inReach SE is quite affordable in common online and brick and mortar stores.
  • The fact that it doesn’t use cellular network services, this satellite explorer is capable of enabling communication anywhere and at any time.


  • The user of this satellite communicator may accidentally trigger the SOS function. In case they are not aware that they have done so, they can very possibly lead to an unnecessary rescue operation being conducted to search for them.
  • The service fees for this satellite communicator are quite expensive especially for annual recreational use.
  • The topographic maps that one can use with this satellite communicator are exclusively found on the Earthmate application.


The DeLorme AG-009871-201 inReach SE is the must-have travel mate with its listed features and advantages for which a traveler can derive several benefits. As a traveler, tracking one’s journey progress and being able to give one’s progress precisely is all that matters.

This is what the DeLorme AG-009871-201 inReach SE is made for. The Earthmate application makes it possible for one to couple up the satellite communicator with their smartphones and tablets.

This satellite communicator is, however. expensive to use as compared to its alternatives, but the value for the money actually makes it worth having.

Possible alternatives:

The SPOT Gen3 GPS Satellite Messenger functions almost in the same manner as the Delorme AG-00981-201 inReach SE in that it is also a satellite messenger. It offers one to send messages, and these messages can be either customized or preset.

It offers the opportunity to have emergency-related messages, such as SOS messages, and other messages. With emergency messages, they are usually sent out to the available rescue teams, and other messages are dispatched to family and friends through email or texts.


The DeLorme AG-009871-201 inReach SE and the SPOT Gen3 GPS Satellite Messenger offer services that are quite pertinent to their users’ needs. However, there has to be one which beats the other when it comes to market value versus quality of the service provided in the overall and the DeLorme AG-009871-201 inReach SE carries the day when the two satellite trackers are put in a head to head comparison.

This arises from the fact that DeLorme AG-009871-201 inReach SE has more options for use. The quick interaction with the GEOS Monitoring Centre that is available on an around-the-clock basis places the DeLorme AG-009871-201 inReach SE in a better position, competition wise.

The costs of services for the DeLorme AG-0009871-201 are a bit higher than the SPOT Gen3 GPS Satellite Messenger but their services prove to be better value for money.