Garmin Fenix Hiking GPS Watch Review

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Garmin, a world-leading manufacturer of GPS-enabled devices, has come out with a game-changing product in its Fenix Hiking GPS Watch. The first of its kind device available in the market, this gadget is packed with cool features and specifications which are a boon for ardent hikers & mountaineers.

Not only does this gizmo feature a high-sensitivity GPS navigator for tracking ‘the road not taken’, but it also has a high-quality chronograph that should appeal to all sections of buyers.


  • Complete and unique Trackback feature
  • Built-in barometer
  • Highly sensitive GPS Navigator
  • Thermometer
  • Compass
  • Waterproof
  • Software update enabled. The software can be updated to Gramin the latest 3.60 version
  • Real time speed calculation of hiking, running, walking and cycling
  • Heart rate display
  • A comprehensive display of maximum speed attained, minimum speed and average moving speed
  • Linked to Google maps
  • Uses 26 mm lugs
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Recognized as a storage device after plugging with a computer


  • Uses maps directly like any handheld or portable GPS
  • No need of using proprietary software for using this device
  • Barometer is detailed and sensitive
  • The user may transfer the waypoints and his tracks into the storage
  • Includes AC adapter with the watch
  • Elementary base maps with ample scope for improvisation and addition
  • Embedded satellite information kept up to date
  • Strong flashlight


  • The Spot location may not be as precise as one expects it to be. The accuracy is lesser than chip enabled wireless beacon chip
  • A small screen may produce inconvenience in viewing the details
  • Limited onboard memory
  • Some users complain of a slow processor


The Garmin Fenix Hiking GPS Watch comes with its fair share of advantages which readily outweigh the perceived shortfalls. The plethora of state of the art innovations incorporated in the model gives it a definite aura of its own.

The items that are offered as part of the packaging, depending on the user’s option, are Garmin Screen Protector Membrane, which is a crystal clear screen cover and an additional Garmin Temperature Sensor.

An overall positive response from the users showcase that this watch has a long way to go, and the minor share of shortcomings could be easily overcome in the subsequent models.

For the adventure lovers, this watch could be deemed as a good catch.


Courtesy of the competitive nature of the global market fast-paced development of technology to come up with cutting-edge innovation is an inherent feature. The smart watch manufacturers have availed this opportunity to chip in with their share of innovations and take the inter se lead.

The closest rival of the Garmin Fenix Hiking GPS Watch could be the Samsung Gear S2 3G and Sony Smartwatch 3SWR50. Should the buyer intends to have some outdoor adventure or a fitness program, he should spare some time for a thorough research and deliberation of the three products under reference.

Features of the latter two are explained in the subsequent paragraphs.


The Gear S2 3G manufactured by tech giant Samsung is the richest of its Gear S2 series. It supports both 2G and 3G networks and can be coupled with a smartphone. It features an e-SIM that is embedded. The e-SIM enables the user to change network service providers without having to change the SIM.

Onboard technologies like Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Heart Rate Monitor, Barometer and an ambient light make it a compact smartwatch by its own rights.

In the third generation of their smartwatch series, Sony provides a slew of innovative features through its SWR50 model. Though there are reservations with its display not being the best among its peers, it houses a great many technological features to more than compensate.

Among them are Accelerometer, Gyroscope, ambient light display sensors and digital compass. This is an Android smartwatch with voice recognition and translation features. It is also equipped to receive various kinds of mail and call notifications along with personal reminders.

The Garmin Fenix Hiking GPS Watch with Exclusive Trackback feature stands out in innovation and features. None before it has had such a comprehensive range of smart choices to offer.

It is equipped with brilliant Altimeter that chalks out the exact ascent and descent as one proceeds on his journey.  A trail of track points and waypoints to map the route and use Tracback to show the way back provides distinctive uniqueness.

There are provisions for inserting the user’s favorite locations like the campsite, location of wherever one has parked his car, even his favorite hot-dog stand! Moreover, as a show of versatility, a wide variety of strap choices are on the cards for this model.

The high precision barometer keeps an eye on short-term changes in air pressure to predict weather changes on the horizon. Hold on to your pants if the pressure reading goes steadily down…. There could be a storm coming! The rugged, attractive and sporty look of this device definitely renders it to be the best buy.