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The sweeping popularity of smartphones, tabs, and a host of other handheld, digital gadgets, most of which come preinstalled with GPS apps have edged out standalone GPS trackers and navigators from the market.

Since almost all premium brands of smartphones and digital wristwatches have built-in maps (Google maps) and GPS, young trekkers, campers, mountaineers, and adventurists may not feel the need to port a GPS device separately. Yet there is a case to be made for those traditional, chunky handheld GPS units of yore.

Scores of hardcore hunters and veteran trekkers still swear by the handheld GPS gadget whose modern-day avatar is incredibly advanced and versatile as well as it is compatible for hooking up with a smartphone.

Take the Garmin Montana 610t GPS for instance. This handheld navigator from Garmin boasts of a rugged construction making it supremely suitable for extensive use in all kinds of terrains and territories.

However, what makes this handheld GPS device invaluable to trekkers, anglers, patrol officers, rescue parties, trekkers and campers are its slew of functional features.

Features of the Garmin Montana 610t GPS

For a start, the Garmin Montana 610t has a large touch screen display with a dual orientation, rendering it easy to be scrutinized even in the deepest of wilderness and in broad daylight. Pinpointing your location, even if you are located far away from civilization becomes a child’s play, as it latches onto maximum number of satellites, thanks to its companionability with the Russian GLONASS system (besides GPS of course). The following is a list of its top features.

Extended Use

Dual battery mode enables you to pack in up to 3 lithium-ion batteries that keeps the Garmin Montana 610t running for 16 hours at a stretch

Slot for Micro SD-card

This handheld unit has a slot for inserting a MicroSD card; ideal for consulting maps and TOPOS related to your outdoor activity be it fishing, hunting, boating or backpacking

Capacious inbuilt memory

4 GB of built-in memory enables the Montana to stock up to 200 routes and 4,000 waypoints as well as archive downloaded maps

BirdsEye satellite imagery

The incredibly high resolution of BirdsEye satellite imagery means you get to view images and illustrations that are crystal clear with vivid detailing. You have it easy visualizing the subtleties in environment and terrain.

Barometric altimeter

Equipped with a barometric altimeter, the Montana reads pressure variations enabling you to review the state of weather well in advance as well as determine the height above sea-level of your location.

Large and receptive touch-screen display

The display of Montana measures 4-inch diagonally, large enough for you to see everything clearly. Additionally, dual-orientation functionality renders it extremely user-friendly, even in broad daylight.  The touch-screen responds even when you use gloves during unfavorable weather.

Tilt-compensated, 3-axis compass

The Montana’s tilt-compensated 3-axis compass always precisely gives your location regardless of whether you are on the go or not or how you hold the navigator.

Intuitive receiver

The extremely sensitive GPS receiver catches signals not only from the conventional GPS satellites but also from GLONASS satellites owned by the Russian government.

Built-in 8 MP digital camera

Geotagging preferred locations that are out of the grid, remote or backcountry campsites or hunting spots becomes easy with the 8MP digital camera.


  • Has been constructed out of durable & quality materials that make it last long and does not break easily even if dropped accidently
  • 3-axis tilt-adjusted compass is ideal for pinpointing one’s position
  • Powerful lithium ion batteries furnish the juice for protracted trips and treks
  • 4 gigabytes of memory lets the user have a backup of up to 200 routes and 4000 waypoints
  • Companionable for using MicroSD card facilitating the use of a wide range of topographical sheets and maps used in different kinds of outdoor activities
  • Large and navigable touch screen display
  • HotFix satellite prediction functionality
  • Barometric altimeter for weather forecasting and establishing location
  • Comes preloaded with 2,50,000 geocaches from Geocaching.com


  • Handheld GPS transceiver works best for those who are familiar with using GPS devices
  • Profile is such that it may not fit perfectly in palms of different sizes
  • Somewhat hefty

How Will You Benefit Using This Product?

The product comes fitted with a dual battery enabling the user to use it for longer hours. The company portrays the product to work for over 16 hours at a stretch. Hence, you need not worry about using the GPS and charging again and again when you are on the move. Besides the in-built 4 GB memory it supports MicroSD card that is pretty handing when you are looking to add multiple maps and TOPOS related to the outdoor activity.

The other feature that attracts the users is the larger screen size. A 4-inch screen makes it a lot easier to browse maps and navigate properly.

Comparing the Garmin Montana 610t GPS to a Similar Product

The market presently has numerous products that are at par and some even better in terms of functionality of this product. However, the inclusion of an array of features such as over 250,000 maps from across the world and an 1-year Birdseye Satellite Imagery subscription adds the extra advantage to the GPS.

Close alternatives that can also be used includes the Garmin 010-01958-20 Rino 700 and Garmin GPSMAP 64sc Handheld GPS. While the farther is better when it comes to affordability, it lacks some handy features that have been added to Garmin Montana. Similarly the other product does the work efficiently, the reduced screen size might promote you to go for Garmin 610t GPS.


To summarize, we are pretty happy with the features that 610t GPS comes with. In case you would like to have a handheld GPS which not only last for longer hours but offers a bigger display, then Garmin 610t GPS is the best alternative.

However, if you would like to use the GPS device for several hiking, camping or travelling purposes, it is highly recommended to handle the product with care. Mishandling is certainly a possibility in tough terrains. Hence, keep it protected as much as you can.