How Do GPS Watches WorkSports enthusiasts have recently been turning to technology to improve their abilities and hone their skills. This does not mean biomechanical augmentation in any case but its more in the use of devices and gadgets that keep track of important metrics that they can improve on. Gadgets like GPS watches are commonly used, and its prevalence makes it easy to raise the question of how do GPS watches work and what benefits do you stand to gain in using them?

How Do GPS Watches Work?

GPS watches are equipped with receivers that connect to the different satellites that orbit the planet at any given time. The triangulation method is most often applied in these cases where the distance and time between sending and receiving signals from the watch to the satellites help pinpoint the exact location of the watch. This process gets repeated until you stop your routine or until the satellites get a permanent fix on your location.

Integrating the triangulation method of GPS technology into sports training helps in deriving the most accurate metrics possible, such as distance, pace, and speed. These would then give athletes an idea of how they are doing and what else can they do to improve.

What Are the Standard Features of a GPS Watch?

Any standard GPS watch would come with the most basic features like pace counters, calories and distance markers while some brands add more stuff and features to make their product a more reliable partner for fitness enthusiasts. Some of them include:

  • Heart Rate Monitor

The majority of GPS watches would have a wrist-based heart monitor, and they would also have the option to attach a chest monitor and sync the data from it.

  • Water Resistance

Some models are made specifically for triathletes and have included water resistance in their feature so that they would have access to swimming data as well.

  • Altimeter and Barometer

Both are electronically measured and displayed, more commonly used by hikers and trail runners who would like to have some idea of the height they are in and the weather they are approaching.

  • Electronic Compass

Hikers benefit the most from electronic compasses in GPS watches and, together with distance measurement, can be useful when one gets lost or when they encounter zero visibility.

  • Sleep Monitor

This is a new feature, and it tells you if you are getting enough sleep to fuel your day.

  • Wireless Connectivity

Most GPS watches can now connect wirelessly either via Bluetooth or WiFi as long as a signal is available. This allows you to sync your fitness data with your favorite fitness app.

  • Mobile App

Some GPS watches do come with their customized fitness app which can connect with more popular fitness apps for a holistic view of your fitness level.

  • Inactivity Notification

A quirky and novel way of telling you to get off your butt, inactivity notifications set a vibrating alarm once it feels that the wearer is not moving from where they are.

Benefits of Using a GPS Watch

Other than the obvious benefit of helping you keep fit, GPS watches have other benefits that you may or may not know. These benefits would include, but are not limited to the following:

1. It Can Let You Concentrate On Your Training.

Previously, athletes needed to find a space that comes close to the standard distances for their sports discipline, and they have to do their training there, again and again. Sometimes, there would be scheduling conflicts with other teams or sports which would, in turn, affect their training as a whole since they would have to find another venue with the same, exact conditions.

Integrating GPS watches into their training has changed all that as these same athletes don’t have to be restricted to the same area because of measurements and such. Since GPS watches can display the distance that you’ve jogged or ran, it would be easy for you just to go back to the start to complete the full distance. GPS watches also allow athletes to train in all matters of terrain and not just asphalt or concrete.

2. They Can Keep You Motivated.

Fitness statistics can appear to be just numbered at times, but once you see definitive improvement when it comes to speed and distant, then you’d feel motivated to hit that milestone again and take it further. These metrics also allow you to formulate action plans that aim to improve your performance in a short period.

Having the statistics displayed in front of you will, in turn, help you be more realistic with your goals, and it lets you adjust your fitness plan however small the adjustment may be. Don’t let the pressure of improving as quickly as possible get to you and learn to enjoy the ride getting there.

3. They Empower You to Train Yourself.

GPS watches and its ability to connect to different fitness apps tell you the story of your fitness. Some apps would provide suggestions on how you can improve your performance which effectively replaces having a coach guiding your every step. Of course, nothing beats human interaction as you get both positive and negative feedback, as well as small feelings of resentment and disgust but its all part of it.

4. It Can Keep You On Time.

A GPS watch is, well, a watch which can keep perfect time, and they even have alarm clocks that you can set multiple times in a day. These precision instruments do rely on battery power and using a GPS watch to track distances can drain it quickly so make sure to keep it well charged.

Some models can sync with your smartphone which lets you get notifications from your phone to your watch; this includes a message and call alerts as well as calendar reminders.

5. They Add Style to Your Get-up.

Majority of GPS watches come a little too sporty for taste, but there are a few models which are elegant and stylish and can be paired with regular dress clothes. GPS watches can sometimes even pair well with fancier outfits. These watches are often found at the higher end of the price spectrum, with finely cut lines and sleek designs that take them beyond sports and fitness.

Parting Words

The fitness lifestyle of a modern human being involves interaction between other humans as well as devices that help determine current performance and gives some insight on how to improve on weaknesses and develop a well-rounded physique. Knowing how do GPS watches work is part of those things that you need to read up on to come up with a decision as to which gadget you would prefer to help you with your fitness goals.

No matter what lifestyle or what fitness plan you want to get into, always check with a fitness professional before anything as they can give you more than just insights and advice when it comes to these things.

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