How Do I Update My Garmin GPS: A Basic Guide for Beginners

GPS are convenient devices, especially for drivers who tend to forget routes or are unfamiliar with most roads. This device also helps one to stay updated with maps and street conditions, which tend to change without notice. However, one also needs to update the GPS to get the most out of the device. If you are a Garmin GPS user who is asking how do I update my Garmin GPS, then here’s a detailed guide on how to install new updates.

What About the Brand?

Garmin Ltd or Garmin for short is American company founded by Min Kao and Gary Burell in the late 1980s. It is a brand that specializes in GPS technology for various industries, namely, automotive, aviation, outdoor, marine, and sports. Garmin is highly popular for its wearable technology that has been competing head-to-head with other big brands, namely, Apple and Fitbit.

The firm also has an impressive worldwide operation with its more than 60 offices in different parts of the world with about 12,000 dedicated employees.

Garmin GPS variants are also frequently included in the best GPS to buy lists of various reviews.

The Best Garmin GPS for 2018

Finding the best Garmin GPS for your needs is easy. After all, the firm has several GPS products on the market, offering various features. Here are some of the top-rated Garmin GPS for 2018.

Garmin Nuvi 3597LMTHD

The Garmin Nuvi 3597LMTHD promises a premium design with its sharp five-inch capacitive screen and a thin metal chassis. It can take voice commands, which makes it an intuitive interface for easy navigation of roads.

It features a 2D and 3D map perspective, hands-free calling via the Bluetooth, Emergency Help, lifetime map updates, speed limit warnings, ecoRoute, lifetime traffic updates, and custom POIs.

Garmin Nuvi 50

The Garmin Nuvi 50 boasts of a big screen as well as an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use interface. This variant has many other virtues such as built-in speakers, custom POIs, emergency help, lifetime map updates, speed warnings, photo navigation, preinstalled POIs, lane assistant and the Garmin Garage, to name a few.

Garmin DriveSmart 51

The Garmin DriveSmart 51 boasts of being a reliable GPS device for the daily commuters.
It has five-inch capacitive touch display as well as detailed maps of North America. It comes with free lifetime updates, real-time service like select live parking and traffic, Bluetooth calling, voice-activated navigation, smart notification, and built-in Wi-Fi.

Why Update the GPS?

Routes and streets are not static as they tend to change regularly. For example, a road may be a two-way one and become one-way in the next few weeks. This is why owners of GPS devices should be updated regularly. Otherwise, driving might end up being a nightmare since the GPS is no longer handing out accurate information due to the lack of update.

How Do I Update My Garmin GPS: A Simple Guide

Contrary to some belief, updating the GPS is not a difficult task. At least not for Garmin users as its software is quite straightforward.

Garmin users should not worry as updating its GPS is convenient and quick to do due to its software, the Garmin Express. Updating the GPS becomes a matter of plugging it into a computer and letting the software take over. Just follow the instructions below, and the GARMIN GPS will be updated in no time.

Connect Device to Computer

A Garmin GPS cannot be updated without being connected to a computer. Take out the device from the vehicle and grab a mini USB cable. Hook the Garmin to the laptop or desktop using the cable and wait for the progress bar to scroll. Keep in mind that the GPS has to be turned on during this process.

One has to manually sign in to the Garmin account if its the first time to connect the GPS to the computer. If not, then there will be prompts popping out automatically.

Install the Garmin Express

One needs to have the Garmin Express installed to the computer. To do this, the user has to go to the Garmin Express download page and select the appropriate download button depending on the computer’s operating system. Do not worry about the Garmin variant you have as the Garmin Express works with all models whether it is a Zumon, Nuvi, Drive or DriveSafe.

Check the Updates

The Garmin Express should automatically appear and open after installing it. Once open, press “Add a Device,” and then locate the GPS. The Garmin application then will search for any updates needed and give you the list. Now click ” Select All.” Make sure that the GPS is connected to the computer throughout this process.

Wait for all the updates to be completed and once done, you will have all the apps that either came free with your device or the standard ones.

You may also want to buy the lifetime updates to have the most up-to-date apps that will let you make the most of the GPS.

Disconnect the Device

Once you have finished the installation of the updates whether free or paid for, select “Eject” to disconnect the GPS from the computer safely. Then unplug the USB cable and return the device to the vehicle.

Easy to Use and Update

There is a reason why many drivers and experts both use and recommend Garmin GPS. The brand, after all, has been manufacturing great GPS products for various uses and industries for almost thirty years.

Finding the best Garmin GPS for your needs is easy as there are several variants readily available on the market. And making the most out of any device from this product maker requires updating the device regularly. Failing to do so will result in probably stressful driving experience as the GPS would be unable to provide accurate information to the driver.

These trackers are also easy to use, so newbies do not have to worry and ask, “How do I update my Garmin GPS?” endlessly. After all, one of the best things about Garmin is its quick and hassle-free updates as one only needs to connect the device to a computer and click some buttons. One also has the option to go for the standard updates or purchase additional ones.

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