Is There a GPS That Uses Google Maps

Launched in 2005, Google Maps is a revolutionary web-mapping service. It has transformed the way we navigate by enabling us to access nearly every street and address anywhere in the world. The tool or app provides satellite imagery and a wide-angled street view.

Navigation tools and GPS got so popular that you can find probably thousands of these tools now. However, is there a GPS that uses Google Maps?

The answer is, yes, there are many. Even you can create your GPS navigation tool or app that uses Google Maps. Believe us: it is not that difficult, as Google offers developers Google Maps API.

An Overview of Google Maps and Google Maps API

This is a comprehensive platform that allows developers to use Google Maps to create their GPS tools and apps. In fact, compared to other similar platforms like Mapbox, Mapfit, and Here, Google Maps API is one of the most detailed out there, helping you with excellent turn-by-turn navigation and route planning. This is called mapping your GPS with geolocation services.

Google Maps make an excellent option because it is one of the most accurate navigation tools available in the market and that too, for free. Google has also constantly added upgrades to the app that include trip planners, routes, and directions for people who use bicycles or those who walk, other than vehicle owners.

The total active users of Google Maps are estimated to be around more than two billion. With such a large number of users, it is only natural for the platform to merge into other navigation apps.

However, before going into further details, here are some basics of GPS and why Google Maps API make more sense for GPS apps.

What Is GPS?

In simple words, a Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigation system. The purpose of a GPS is to provide accurate information regarding the position of an object on the earth. In 1994, GPS was first introduced in the USA for military use.

That being said, you can’t really stop such a revolutionary technology from going mainstream, can you? Same was the case with GPS, as, within a few years, it was available for the public (by 2000).

Even though the primary purpose of GPS systems was for defense, they became more successful as a commercial navigation tool. We are now using ride-hailing services like Uber because of GPS.

Simply put, GPS is now commonly used for personal reasons, business purposes, and criminal investigations. With advanced GPS, you can attain accuracies that are better than even a centimeter. Due to the incredibly high accuracy, GPS is rated as a highly reliable navigation system.


The use of GPS is limitless, from commercial mariners, fishermen, scientists, soldiers, dispatchers, delivery persons, to business persons; almost everyone is using GPS as a way to enhance the safety and productiveness in their workplace. Moreover, it can be used to track thefts and criminals.

Utilizing GPS to get to a certain place is another useful application. Businesses can use it to find out the fastest and the most economical route to a destination. It helps businesses to provide efficient customer service, such as logistics, by enabling them to assess when a product will arrive, or by scheduling trips.

The most common application of GPS is to find out where you are during your travel. This is highly useful if you are lost or if you are trying to locate something. Many devices and cars nowadays come with built-in GPS that can be activated.

Is There a GPS That Uses Google Maps?

Yes, there are some GPS that uses Google Maps. For example, a number of GPS that use Google Maps come pre-built in vehicles. This is because the compatibility of Google Maps is high with independent GPS.

They are commonly seen in BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and other cars. Other GPS apps and tools that use Google Maps include Garmin and Pioneer. Such GPS apps are quite simple to use, requiring solely a cell phone network or USB connection.

You can also find some examples from all around the globe. For example, Letstrack GPS tracker in India uses Google Maps.

Another popular GPS tool on Android device, WAZE, also uses Google Maps. Since Google also owns WAZE, it is natural that it uses Google Maps, one of the most popular navigation apps in the world by Google.

Garmin, a well-known brand that manufactures GPS devices, also uses Google Map in several of its apps and tools. The use is simple as the data from Google Maps just transfers into the GPS device.

You can also find several handheld GPS devices available on online stores like Amazon and Alibaba that use Google Maps. For example, there is a popular handheld mapping device by Magellan called Easier Mapping Outdoor Navigation that uses Google Maps.

The GPS apps which use Google Maps are commonly available on smartphones, both Android and iOS platforms. A vast number of people use these apps to navigate to their destinations regularly.

Why Use Google Maps for GPS?

The reason why some GPS use Google Maps is that it offers several benefits, including:

  • Precise results: The mapping results from the Google Maps app are far more accurate than other navigation apps. Google Maps is a highly used app by the majority of digital users. Around 25% of users suggest that it directs them better than any other app.
  • World Imagery: It gives an in-depth view of any street, and has an immense amount of data stored in it.

How Reliable Are GPS That Uses Google Maps?

The results of GPS or Google Maps are not always a hundred percent accurate. On average, four satellites need to work together to receive and send signals to produce a precise result of the location of an object.

In the past, several Google Maps users discovered that it wrongly predicted their location. This can be an indication of satellites failing to receive signals. As such, Google has introduced High Accuracy Mode on the app which provides instant and near-to-accurate results of a user’s current location.

Final Thoughts

GPS can be a reliable day-to-day tool to navigate, but it does not always ensure users will receive perfect results. At times, location or other necessary data can be blocked. Specifically, with independent GPS apps, the user will only gain access to some features.

Most of the GPS devices do not have strong compatibility with Google Maps, and this causes difficulty. Nonetheless, the answer to the question “Is there a GPS that uses Google maps?” is yes, there are many, but there quality and accuracy depend on several other factors as well.

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