KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone Review

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Knowing the location of your child at all times means that you can continue through your day without the worry that something bad is going to happen to them. Living in a more crowded neighborhood, or somewhere where the crime rates are on the rise, having a manner to know the whereabouts of your child is one of the most important things for your peace of mind.

But if you do not want your child to have and use a cellular phone and not to be able to monitor its calls or other activity, a good choice is a GPS tracker phone. There are several options on the market today, and most will be making a severe dent in your budget and drain you by high monthly subscription fees.

We have looked over the available options and have chosen our favorite product for this application.

The KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone

The KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone is an excellent gadget that serves both as a GPS Tracker and a cell phone. This is an all – in – one security solution for your child; with its help, you can be assured of the location of your child.

Main features of the KidsConnect GPS Tracker cell phone

  • GPS tracking of location with Google Maps links to GPS location
  • LBS location to the nearest cell tower
  • SOS button with real-time tracking
  • Cell phone with four speed-dial numbers and twenty numbers phonebook
  • Parental control of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Geo-fencing with text alerts to parents
  • Voice monitoring
  • Location history monitoring in Google Maps
  • Remote monitoring of the device through a PC or a phone app
  • SIM card included
  • Minimal monthly or yearly subscription
  • Live operator help center calls available
  • Comes with all necessary accessories: charger, USB cable, screwdriver, battery and neck lanyard


This is a handy device for your child to have and use and it comes with a set of pros and cons. Here are the pros:

  • SIM card included with the purchase
  • Excellent parental control
  • SOS button with real-time tracking
  • Low monthly or yearly service fees
  • Geo-fencing with text alerts to parents
  • All accessories provided


There are, of course, some cons to this product, like:

  • The initial setup is not so simple, you may have to call customer support
  • An activation fee in addition to monthly or yearly subscription
  • Works best with the T-Mobile network, not so good with Verizon
  • The LBS location may not be very precise and depends on the proximity of available cell towers

The KidsConnect GPS Tracker cell phone has the GPS tracking option that allows you to follow the location of your child through your smartphone, and you get the location in Google Maps links.

The cell phone feature has the option to have four numbers programmed into the device, available by speed dialling by pressing one of the four numbered buttons on the device, and additional twenty numbers stored in the phonebook. The parent makes the decision of programming the numbers, and these are the only numbers the child can call and the numbers that can call the child.

There is an SOS feature that sends a text message with the GPS location to the four programmed cell phone numbers and sends an auto-dial call to these numbers. If programmed, the phone can be set to call a live – operator help center that will help the child in the event of an unanswered SOS call by the programmed numbers.

The KidsConnect GPS Tracker phone supports geo-fencing, meaning that you can set a predetermined area of movement and get a text message when the kid enters or leaves this area. The Voice monitoring feature enables the parent to discretely listen/monitor the environment of the child without the activation of the screen

The design of the gadget is user-friendly and child – safe, and your child can carry the KidsConnect GPS Tracker cellphone around the neck or in their pocket, for easy access in the case of an emergency.


When you have to select the right gadget for tracking the location of your child but don’t want to give them a cell phone, you can choose some of the many options out there. After careful consideration, we have found many companies that offer similar gadgets.

The Amber Alert GPS Child Locator is a GPS tracker for following the position of your child at all times.

This GPS tracker has the real-time tracking option. It also has an SOS emergency button that sends a text to your phone, and in that case, the GPS locator can work as a phone and the child can call you. There is also the geo-fencing option that alerts you when the child enters and leaves the pre-programmed areas.

It also has access to the National Sex Offenders Registry which notifies you when the child comes within 500 feet of the address of a registered sex offender.

The Amber Alert GPS Child Locator only offers GPS location tracking and two-way calls to only one number and it comes with a higher purchase price and higher monthly service fees. The KidsConnect GPS Tracker cell phone has the built-in option for GPS tracking, as well as four emergency numbers programmed into it.

It also has location history, voice monitoring, geo-fencing and more.

To sum up

There is no compromise when it comes to child safety. When you let your child out into the world, on the way to and back from school, alone to a friend’s house, a playground or a crowded park without your immediate supervision, then the KidsConnect GPS Tracker cell phone is the perfect option for your child and you.

Know the location, monitor the location history and have the option for real-time SOS tracking: these are some of the options that are offered by the KidsConnect GPS Tracker cell phone for kids.

Get one of these for your child, and enjoy your peace of mind, knowing the location and surroundings of your child at all times.