Suunto Traverse Alpha Review

A GPS watch is an electronic device worn on the wrist, much like an ordinary watch. They differ in such a way that a GPS watch has unique features depending on what purpose you are using it for, like for sports or fitness.

This kind of accessory is commonly called sports watch because it is packed with a lot of features used for exercise or a particular sports aside from its GPS functionality. Here, we will take a close look at a GPS watch used for hunting and fishing.

Suunto Traverse Alpha

Suunto originated from the Finnish word that means “direction” and is pronounced as “soon-toh”. The company first surfaced in 1936. It was during this time when the bulk production of the liquid-filled compass was invented by a Finnish engineer.

From then on, the company has been in the lead when it comes to clever designs for sports watches and other sports devices and instruments favored by the adventurous folks worldwide.

Today, this company offers various models for sports watches, dive products, compasses, and other accessories. Suunto’s head office is located in Finland, but there are also dealers found in different parts of the globe.


  • Clever Design

The face of this GPS watch is supported by a textured stainless steel ring with a sturdy nylon strap. This strap is also water repellant. The 50-mm dial has a 15-mm thickness and is protected by a high-grade, scratch-resistant glass made of sapphire crystal. This watch weighs 75 grams.

  • Different Sports Modes

The watch features different sports modes, including hiking, hunting, and fishing. It also provides sunrise and sunset times, as well as moon phases with moonset and moonrise times based on your location. This is very important in knowing the perfect time to hunt and fish.

Moreover, it also has a multi-color backlight that is compatible with night-vision goggles.

  • Automatic Shot Detection

This GPS watch is equipped with an automatic shot detection system, which records the information of where and when you made a shot. In turn, you get precise GPS coordinates of the location.

  • GPS Tracking

The GPS technology in this device keeps track of your real-time location, making it easier for you to navigate and find your way back from where you have started. It also tracks your altitude, speed, and distance.

  • Powerful Battery

This GPS watch is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that is powerful enough to last for approximately 14 days during ordinary watch mode usage and up to 100 hours in GPS mode. The battery is rechargeable and requires a USB charging cable.

  • Connectivity

The watch is compatible with most smartphones. It is Bluetooth-enabled to allow you to transfer data wirelessly, or you can also use a USB cable in doing so. This watch is also compatible with the Suunto Movescount App and other online sports communities.

  • Suunto Apps

This watch also works well with all Suunto apps. It has five sport modes, which can use a maximum of four apps per sports mode. You can also create your own metrics using an advanced formula.

  • Compass

For even more reliable navigation capabilities, this watch boasts a built-in digital compass. It has a north indicator needle with a compass accuracy of 5°.

  • Weather Indicator and Storm Alarm System

Another feature is the weather trend indicator and storm alarm system built into the GPS watch. This combination helps to better guide you on when and where to go for your adventure, which adds another level of security to your outdoor activities.

  • Water Resistance

The GPS watch is water resistant for up to 100 meters deep underwater. This means that you can submerge the watch underwater during fishing or hunting expeditions.

  • Training Functions

This watch is designed with a built-in GPS speed and distance sensor, as well as a heart rate monitor, to help you keep better track of your performance.


  • Durable
  • Packed with a lot of functions
  • Compatible with most smart devices
  • Excellent build quality
  • Available in six colors


  • Price is a bit high
  • Numerous features can be intimidating at times


Summary of the Features

The Suunto Traverse Alpha is a sports watch that designed explicitly for people who love outdoor adventures like fishing, hunting, and hiking. The watch offers all the necessary features needed for adventurous individuals to enjoy the outdoors. These features are all packed into a durable and damage-resistant device.

The battery life is sufficient enough for an enjoyable outdoor activity. The weather trend indicator, storm alarm system, automatic shot detection technology, and multiple sports modes are some of the other vital features that come with this light and compact sports watch.

With its GPS and GLONASS feature, you are sure of the tracking accuracy of your speed, distance, and altitude. You can also track the number of steps and the number of calories burned based on your preferred frequency. The Suunto apps also work well with either iOS or Android devices.

Comparison with a Similar Product

Since Suunto has recently released its Traverse Series for smartwatches, let us take a closer look at its features and options for you to know which one of the two Traverse sports watches is more to your liking.

Both the Traverse and Traverse Alpha sports watches have the same GPS navigation features, and both are water resistant up to 100 meters. They also feature Bluetooth connectivity, and both can monitor heart rates and offer multiple sports functions.

The Suunto Traverse has a mineral crystal display, which is break-resistant but can be scratched easily. On the other hand, the Traverse Alpha boasts a sapphire crystal display that is exceptionally scratch-resistant, letting the watch last a lot longer than the other.

The Traverse watch weighs 80 grams, making it five grams heavier than the Traverse Alpha. Nevertheless, the silicone strap of the Traverse sports watch has a longer life compared to the nylon strap in the Traverse Alpha.

The Traverse Alpha has an additional feature, though, which is called the Automatic Shot Detection. This technology is specially developed for hunting using shotguns and rifles only. This feature will keep a record of your location so it can determine when and where you can shoot.


Based on all the information that we have gathered, we can safely say that both sports watches are great for daily outdoor adventures. The price range for both sports watches does not have much of a difference too.

Nevertheless, if you are more into hunting, the Traverse Alpha will be more suitable for you. This is because of its very helpful Automatic Shot Detection technology.


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