TRAK 4 Mobile GPS Tracker Review

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Want to have some peace of mind that your luggage, vehicle, or what have you is just where it is? Or do you need something to help you keep track of kids or elderly family members? A mobile GPS tracker like the TRAK 4 Mobile GPS Tracker offers you the perfect solution.

With geo-fencing and GPS tracking capabilities, such devices keep you in the loop wherever you may be. And small and compact, mobile trackers can be stashed in a corner or a purse without inviting suspicion. Let us see how the TRAK 4 Mobile GPS Tracker Review holds up and meets your needs.


The Trak 4 Mobile GPS Tracker features:

  • GPS tracking with cell-trilateration

The Trak 4 Mobile Tracker uses GPS tracking for reliable monitoring of vehicles, equipment, people, and other assets. And at times where GPS is not available such as when it is inside buildings or garages, the device has a cell-trilateration fallback to give you an approximate location.

  • Geozone entry and exit or low battery alerts

Receive email and text alerts on your computer, phone, or tablet when your Trak 4 enters or exits specified locations or when your device is running on low battery.

  • Multiple Track4 and sharing capability

Need to track more than just one person or asset? Multiple Trak 4 Mobile GPS Trackers can be added to your account and viewed in one map. Want to share access to family, friends, or co-workers? You can do that, too, with the Trak 4 Mobile GPS Tracker.

  • Annual or monthly subscription with no contract

Want an update every two or 15 minutes, or every hour? You can choose among various monthly or annual subscriptions that are super affordable, from a $5.99 per month (paid annually) to $11.99 per month (paid monthly). And there are no activation or cancellation fees. SIM card is included with the purchase of the device as well.

  • 3G with 2G Fallback

The Trak 4 Mobile GPS Trackers works in areas with 3G and 2G coverage, providing you reliable access.

  • High-capacity Rechargeable Internal Battery

In one charge, the device can last up to 12 months of daily reporting. And when the battery runs low, the device will send you email and text alerts.

  • Weather-Proofed

The Trak 4 Mobile GPS Tracker comes with a rugged housing that is made to withstand the elements.

  • Free Email Customer Support

Need help with troubleshooting your device? Trak 4 has you covered with free customer support.


  • Works great in tracking people and assets
  • Uses both 2G and 3G networks as well as GPS and cell-trilateration for a no-fail tracking system
  • Covertly tracks loved ones and assets with its small and compact design
  • Simple to use. Simply sign-in, and it starts tracking in minutes.
  • Affordable and varied subscription plans with no contracts
  • Alerts you when the battery is running low. Not to mention, the battery can last you up to a year with a single charge.
  • Reasonably priced


  • A black color option would be great.
  • Marked with a sticker that makes it discoverable and identifiable. Good thing it is easy to peel off.
  • Doesn’t have an app to go with the device
  • For North America use only


The Trak 4 Mobile GPS Tracker is an impressive 3G, GPS tracking device. Backed with 2G and cell-trilateration, it affords you a well-thought-out system that will provide you with reliable information at regular intervals through your phone, tablet, or computer. And you can choose from various annual and monthly subscription plans which you can stop anytime.

It has also taken into consideration your need to track more than one person or asset by allowing you to monitor several Trak 4 Mobile GPS Trackers in one account and one map. Additionally, you can share those pieces of information with people you trust. Plus, you will love the good battery life of the device and that it sends alerts when charging is needed.

It would have been great, however, if the device came with an app instead of having you use the company’s website. The logo on the device also poses the risk of being identified. Just remember to remove it, and all will be swell for you.


Is the lack of app for the Trak 4 Mobile GPS Tracker a deal-breaker for you? The Logistimatics Mobile-200 Personal and Vehicle GPS tracker is worth a look! It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. If you prefer a web browser, then it also lets you do that.

When the Logistimatics Mobile-200 Personal and Vehicle GPS tracker is on the move, it reports vehicle position every 30 seconds. The device also sends text messages or email alerts when the tracker enters or exits defined areas or geo-fences. It monitors the movement of your subject within the US, Mexico, and Canada and provides you with a route playback. You’d also love that the tracking device comes with a real-time audio monitoring feature, all you have to do is send it a text message, and it will silently call you back, opening an audio channel for you to listen in.

However, to enjoy the device, you’d have to be willing to pay a slightly higher amount. On top of that is a $14.95 per month service that comes with no strings attached—no contracts, activation, and cancellation fees. If you want more than two hours of live audio that comes with the plan, then you can add more at $3 per hour.

Parting Words

If you are looking for a trusty tracker that offers you good value for your money, then the Trak 4 Mobile GPS Tracker is a good fit. It has good fallback systems in place so that you can track people or assets in real-time. Add to that its high-capacity internal battery that you can depend on, alerting you even when the device is running low on juice.

It is also easy to use and will get you started in no time after signing in. You would also be pleasantly surprised with the affordable monthly and annual subscription plans that are easy to avail or terminate. If you are not so keen about using an app with your tracker, then you’d find your match in the Trak 4 Mobile GPS Tracker.