What Are the Ways a GPS Receiver Can Be Used?

What are the ways a GPS receiver can be used? What are the benefits of using a GPS receiver in the first place? These two are the most common questions asked by first-time purchasers of GPS receivers. It tells that the shopper is looking for the best value for their money as they want to get the most out of their purchase.

This piece of technology allows you to get the most accurate location of anything or anybody who carries a GPS receiver. GPS receivers transmit and receive signals from a minimum of three different satellites per second and, by the principle of triangulation, this approximates the location based on the coordinates of the responding satellites.

Think of it as a practical application of trigonometric theories combined with advanced programming and computer circuitry. It really is a complicated piece of wirings and electrodes, but it is a valuable piece of equipment that serves many purposes, as well as advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Using a GPS System

One of the main reasons for the development of GPS is that it gives the user an advantage over everybody else, mostly because they can use the satellites already orbiting the Earth to get a triangulated position of their current location or the area that they are looking for. At least that was the principle, but once GPS technology was combined with other elements and devices, it suddenly became a powerhouse that can give anyone the following benefits:

  • Available Anywhere

At least the signals are available anywhere. GPS uses satellites that go around the globe 24/7 which means it will be easy to triangulate your position no matter where you are, no matter what time.

  • Free to Use

The only thing that would cost you is the equipment, but using GPS satellites is technically free although it does come with strings, especially when it comes to intelligence gathering.

  • Self-Calibrating

GPS technology is made to calibrate on its own, with the help of orbiting satellites of course. This only means that you don’t have to worry about how accurate your readings will be, even if you have never maintained it.

  • Location-Based Information

Probably the best part about using GPS is that it not only pinpoints where you are, but it also lets you know what’s near you. It can direct you to the nearest fire road or the nearest Starbucks, depending on what you need.

  • Plays Well With Others

On its own, GPS devices are a piece of great equipment, what’s more, is that it can be paired with other devices like SONAR and RADAR to become a much more accurate and unique device that meets your needs. Its frequency is standard, and the circuitry fits right in with other systems.

Disadvantages of Using GPS

Everything is a double-edged sword, it seems, even remarkable technologies like the GPS. Here are a couple of disadvantages that are related to using GPS:

  • Power Hungry

GPS runs round the clock as it aims to ping the nearest satellites at least 50 times per second. This means that it would need a great amount of power to send out and receive a signal while ensuring that it can be translated, depending on the operating system.

  • Can’t Pass Through Walls

Just like Superman and Kryptonite, GPS has its weakness, and they are the four corners that enclose you at night–walls. Well, it does not prevent the signal totally, but it severely weakens it, especially if the device is deep beneath a basement or within the confines of a secluded interior room.

What Are the Ways a GPS Receiver Can Be Used?

So, what are the ways a GPS receiver can be used? Here are some of the more ingenious ways of using GPS:

  • Navigate Through Traffic

Combined with an accurate mapping service, GPS receivers can guide you through an urban environment while updating you with recent events like accidents and road closures as you approach it. These software and programs also boast of being able to report if the light is green or red as you approach an intersection.

  • Find Your Way Wherever

Much like finding the best possible route to avoid traffic, GPS devices can also guide you through the wilderness, be it a scorching desert or a tundra.

  • Locate Your Car

A night of heavy drinking often gives people temporary disabilities that prevent them from driving their vehicles home. This means that a lot of cars are left behind at random places. Good thing GPS devices can help you locate your car faster.

  • Record Your Route

Applicable for road racing enthusiasts and cyclists, GPS devices allow you to record and track your performance, with some having the ability to create routes using previously recorded sessions. This adds a great deal to training and mastery of whatever sports racing you are into.

  • Determine Waypoints

Sailing and geocaching rely on waypoints to let them know of their progress during sailing events or when geocaching.

  • Create Your Map

Similar to creating your route, GPS devices when used with a mapping software allows you to create your map based on your movement, using waypoints at intersections.

  • See Fishes Beneath the Waves

A fine example of GPS technology merging with another to become a powerful tool, fishfinders allow fishermen to survey whatever is underneath the waves and check for anything that will lead them to a greater catch.

  • Search and Rescue

Hikers and mountaineers have long been using GPS devices whenever they cross unknown mountain passes with the purpose of establishing a new path or finding someone who has lost their way. GPS devices let rescuers know what is in front of them, in case of wildfires, or whatever is near their target area that would serve as a rendezvous point.

  • Track Them Racers

GPS devices have long been installed in race cars for officials to track their movement; this goes the same for cyclists and even runners. The purpose of this is to avoid cheating and ensure that the spirit of integrity is kept intact.

Final Words

GPS receivers have become an integral part of our daily lives. Humanity is so much into it that it has become a standard feature of most mobile phones which allow users to use their phone as GPS devices for multiple purposes. Their batteries take a lot of beating with all the charging and draining that is happening while GPS technology is being used, but simply turning off other features ensure that a single battery charge can last a while.

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