What to Do with Old GPS: Tips on How Not to Throw Away Old Device

GPS or Global Positioning System was once used solely for military purposes. These days, GPS is part of everyone’s lives as it is used by drivers to find their intended location, shoppers and diners to locate stores and restaurants, commuters in need of a ride, and by people concerned about the safety of their loved ones. GPS has become so common that there is plenty of this device on the market, and users have the option to buy one after the other. But what happens to an old GPS? Many owners often ask, “What to do with old GPS?

Unfortunately, getting rid of electronic devices from laptops, mobile phones, mouse, printers, and GPS is not as straightforward as throwing away the usual trash. Consumers must adhere to proper disposal of electronics. Otherwise, they would just end up in landfills and add to pollution on the planet. Keep in mind that the toxins from these items do not belong in landfills.

Plus, because these items have electrical components, just putting them anywhere for disposal can cause some accidents. If you are one of those who want to know how to dispose of your old GPS, then here are some tips.

How to Dispose of Old GPS?


Recycling has many benefits. If you have an old GPS that is still working, then you may want to use it at home. Perhaps, you have purchased a new one for your vehicle and still has the old one that’s working? You can choose to use the item for other cars, those spare vehicles that are barely driven. It can also be used in a bike for bikers who want to explore other places.

Additionally, users can also hand it off to another member of your household who is in need of one.


Many people tend to buy a new product to replace old ones that do not seem to be working anymore. If this is the case for your old GPS, then consider taking it to shop to have it repaired. Sometimes, there is no need to buy a new gadget as the existing one can still be fixed.

If you have already purchased a new one, then it still pays to have the broken one checked by a professional. If it is still repairable, then go ahead and have it fixed. You can resell the repaired one for a reasonable price, anyway.


Most big companies have a recycling program for electronics. And these big brands even take recycled items from other brands.

One can also check for recycling programs within the local community as some churches, schools and non-profit organizations look for still reliable gadgets, including GPS, that they can use.

If none of the options above seem appealing to you, then you may want to consider repurposing the GPS.

Remember to Erase

If you are either donating, selling or giving your old GPS to someone else or an organization, then make sure to erase whatever data there may be on the device. Some people make the mistake of only doing a reset, thinking that it would be enough to delete all data. Unfortunately, some brands do not erase all stored information after a reset. This is why it’s best to do a wipe of all stored data.

What to Do with Old GPS: Other Creative Ways of Using the Device

Many people think that GPS can only be used to find directions. On the contrary, this device can be used for other purposes.

Tracking Pets

If you own a dog who loves leaving the house to roam around, leaving you to worry, then use your old GPS. Find a way to strap the GPS securely to the body of the pet. Of course, it is ideal to have a small GPS device that the pet can easily carry on their bodies. Now, you can track where the doggy goes. Using the device this way will save owners from worrying excessively about their pets.

Tracking Valuable Items

We tend to forget where we place different items, and we end up searching for them for hours. Fortunately, there is a way of tracking valuable stuff with the help of GPS.

For example, if you have an envelope containing important documents, which you tend to forget where you placed, then why not put a GPS inside the envelope? Doing so will let you find the papers quickly. The only problem is if the device runs out of battery, then owners won’t be able to trace the envelope anymore.

Keeping Watch on Loved Ones

If we can use the old GPS for tracking our dogs and cats, then surely, we can also use the device for monitoring our loved ones.

For example, parents with children who love sneaking out of the house can use the GPS to track the kids’ whereabouts. Parents only need to be creative. They can place the device inside the children’s bags. The same can be done for school children who refuse to go straight back home after school. Mommies and Daddies can simply place the device inside the kid’s bag and check where they go after school.

One can also keep an elderly parent or grandparent suffering from either Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia safe with the use of the GPS. You can put it in their pockets or ask them always to carry it and hope they don’t forget to bring it with them when they head out. Or find a creative way to ensure that the elderly have the GPS with them. Tracking people with dementia using GPS is a widely accepted practice that one company even invented a tracker that’s located in the soles.

Don’t Throw It Away

Many people buy a new device to replace an old one either because the latter is in need of repair, broken or simply because one wants an upgrade. However, electronic devices like GPS cannot be thrown away just like any other usual trash. Hence, the disposal of GPS must be appropriately done if only to keep the toxins of the device away from our landfills.

Fortunately, finding what to do with old GPS is easy. One has the option to give the GPS away to other people, to institutions, and recycling programs or sell them for a good price. Owners can also opt to repurpose the GPS to track essential items or even loved ones.

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