Where to Mount GPS Devices

Welcome to a world where GPS, or Global Positioning System, is used by almost every car on the road. Undoubtedly, a modern car would not be complete without a GPS but older and other car models are not installed with this technology. Hence, manufacturers have designed a mountable device to provide you with up-to-date GPS technology but to make the most out of it, you must know where to mount GPS devices.

What Are the Benefits of Having a GPS in Your Car?

Did someone just invite you to a party over at their house? Are you picking up a relative from the airport? Is there a new restaurant in the next town that you’d like to try? Do all these tasks seem impossible because you don’t know how to get there?

The trouble with getting to a foreign place has gotten so much easier because of GPS devices. It has been available to the public market in the 80’s and, as mentioned, the latest car models would often have pre-installed GPS in their technology.

The question is, why invest in a GPS device if you can simply use a map or remember the landmarks provided to you by the person? That is because written or verbal instructions regarding the direction of going to your destination sometimes tend to be hazy and confusing. We are sure that at one point or another, you’ve taken a wrong turn and ended up getting lost.

GPS devices will help you overcome this kind of situations by pinpointing your current location, and then providing you with a detailed map of your vicinity, as well as directions on how to go to your desired destination real time. To top it off, modern GPS units would even come with voice instructions for easier navigation.

It is a sad truth that vehicles are prone to criminal offenses, car theft for instance. Gladly, we have the GPS technology to battle it with. If you suddenly found out that your car is stolen, you can go to the nearest police station, and they can help you find your car as long as it’s installed with a GPS since you can easily find its exact location.

One way or another, you also save money by having a GPS device in your car. If you know exactly where you’re going, you spend less gas by avoiding the risk of getting lost, and you get to head directly to your destination.

Where to Mount GPS?

A GPS unit in your car can definitely provide you with a lot of benefits. However, finding the best spot to place it is also crucial in maximizing its functionality without compromising your safety while driving. The size of the GPS unit is what matters most in deciding where to mount it, but all in all, here are the usual places where you can do so.

Cup Holder

Believe it or not, it is possible to mount your GPS device on your car’s cup holder. Different mounting devices designed for a cup holder can be found in the market today. Unfortunately, the cup holder is not a really good place to mount a GPS because it gets in the way of the gear shifter.


One other place where you can mount a GPS device is on the console. This type of mount comes with magnets and adhesive to stick it to the console while supporting the weight of the GPS unit. However, placing it on the console would, of course, cover the console which may seem like a problem when you’re trying to reach for the climate controls and other buttons.


The central part of the dashboard may be a good place to put your GPS unit since it doesn’t block the console. You have to make sure though that you get a GPS mount with a long arm to help you reach it easier. Also, keep in mind that mounting it on the dash should not block your line of sight to avoid accidents.


Perhaps the best place to mount your GPS unit is on the left-most part of your windshield. It provides easy access, and it doesn’t block your view of the road. Plus, getting it near your head makes it easier to hear verbal instructions from the device.

Are There GPS Mounting Laws?

As much as this innovation helps us in our daily struggles, it is also true that it can sometimes lead to accidents. There have been quite a few cases of people hitting pedestrians or road barriers because of losing attention on the road.

Because of these incidents, different states and countries have provided guidelines as to where you can mount your GPS. These specific areas in your car where mounting a GPS is allowed may vary from one state to another, but overall, the purpose remains to be the safety, specifically to keep the road safe and prevent you from encountering a major accident.

If you plan on installing your GPS device on your windshield, dashboard, or other certain places in your car, it’s best to check your local government first regarding the mounting of GPS in cars to make sure you’re not breaking any law.


With an invention as genius as the Global Positioning System, it is without a doubt that the task of getting from one place to another is easily achievable. Surely, the technology will continue to progress, and we will again benefit in this continuous innovation.

Our task is to figure out how to utilize this device to the best of our advantage, knowing how and where to mount GPS device inside our car. Aside from this, perhaps our biggest responsibility is to install it in a spot where it doesn’t compromise the safety of our passengers, ourselves, and of the pedestrians.

Make sure that you install this device where you can maximize its capabilities while still being able to follow the laws on GPS mounting. After all, the greatness of this invention would always remain at the palms of the people who use it.

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