Why Is My GPS Not Working

No one uses paper maps anymore! The GPS has officially replaced paper maps as it has made life so much easier with the number of applications you can get out of tracking things precisely. However, it is quite infuriating if your GPS fails to function. Lucky for you, this article is all about tackling questions such as why is my GPS not working.

Apart from the difficulty of procuring a high-quality, detailed map, using a huge piece of paper while driving a car can also lead to accidents. Simply put, GPS is the smarter, safer, and more effective alternative but only when it is working properly.

Why Is My GPS Not Working?

Using GPS navigation is not just for locating your position or reaching a new friend’s place, it can be used for locating your pets, preventing car theft, keeping an eye out on your elderlies, mapping, surveying, and a lot more.

This extraordinary system is now found in every smartphone. However, you may find some problems with it as well. If this is the case, then don’t worry. Below, we listed common GPS issues and their solutions to make your life easier.

1. Location Affecting Signals

Since your GPS uses satellite signals that reach the earth after traveling thousands of kilometers, they are very sensitive. Buildings, wet trees, aluminum, and even some water in a swimming pool can absorb or deflect these weak signals, thus hindering efficient tracking.

Some of the places where you cannot get a signal include those surrounded by tall buildings and complexes, basements, hilly areas, vehicle roofs and anything that can obstruct the signal.


Use your GPS map while outside of the building or any vehicle under the clear sky as the signal is most reliable when you can see the sky. Make sure all the bars are full when you are restoring the GPS signal outside.

2. Phone Cover

In a few cases, even a different phone cover can hinder signals from reaching your mobile. This results in an inaccurate location display.


Try using your GPS with your mobile phone cover off or invest in a new one that does not block any signals.

3. GPS Signal Not Found

If your location or mobile cover is not affecting the signals, then your cell phone might just be malfunctioning, or it is just overloaded. You can try some quick fixes to help counter the problem so that the signals can be restored.


  • Try turning your GPS off and then on again. To do this, pull down the notification bar and then tap on the GPS option.
  • Go to Settings → Location and then simply tap it from there. Wait for 10 seconds before finally turning it back on.
  • Try turning the Airplane Mode on and then off to restart the internet connection. To do this, pull down the notification bar and tap on Airplane Mode.
  • Often, just restarting your phone might renew your internet connection as well as the GPS signals.

These quick solutions might sound very basic, but they do indeed end up helping your GPS to function correctly.

4. Power Saver Mode is On

Sometimes, if the Power Saver Mode is turned on, it can create connectivity issues with your GPS. Your Wi-Fi and GPS signals can often be disabled if you tend to use this battery saving mode on your phone frequently.


Here are the quick answers to disable power save mode:

  • Swipe down your notification bar, and from here, switch off the Power Saving Mode. Sometimes, you might have to restart your phone after doing this.
  • Go to Settings, then find the Battery option from where you can disable any of the power saving modes.

Following the above instructions will resolve the issue.

5. GPS Settings

There are also times when your GPS is working but still not giving you a precise location. Accuracy can be improved by just adjusting some of the settings. This will not take you more than a minute. A few taps can adjust the GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth settings on your phone.


  • Tap on the Settings icon in your phone
  • Find the Location option
  • Go to Mode
  • Select High Accuracy Mode

Sometimes, you might have to find Location Settings under Security and Privacy.

6. Application Updates

To have an accurate GPS location, you must make sure that you have the latest Apple Map/ Google Map version updated. Since changes are being made by developers every few days to give the best result, you need to play your part and check whether or not you have postponed any of the updates of whatever application you may be using.


  • Go to the App store/PlayStore
  • Find your Apps and Games option
  • Scroll down until you find Maps
  • Tap on Update if there is an update needed

By doing the above trick, you can easily update your Map app on your phone or tablet.

7. Phone Updates

Having an older Android or iOS version can also hinder GPS accuracy by creating complications on different applications. Since developers are regularly publishing newer and better software updates to fix various problems, these changes affect how multiple applications work.


Android update:

  • Tap on the Settings icon
  • Find About the Phone option by scrolling down
  • Search for updates by tapping on Check Now for an Update

iOS update:

  • Tap on Settings
  • Go to General > Software Update
  • Tap on Download and then Install

Updating might require you to temporarily delete the apps, which will be reinstalled after downloading the new version.

8. Corrupted Data Files

Older browser files might get corrupted, or they might load up on your device, preventing the normal operations of your GPS and maps. To ensure that they are working properly, clean up your phone by deleting old caches and data.


  • Tap on the Settings icon
  • Go to Applications
  • Find Maps
  • Then tap on Clear Cache and Data option

You can also get rid of corrupted files by restarting your cell phone in Safe Mode.

Final Words

If you are still wondering why is my GPS not working, the last option is to completely clean up your phone by opting for a factory data reset. Make sure to backup your data beforehand to a Cloud or another device as all your data is deleted using this method.

In this modern era, GPS has made our life 10 times easier, and even a small delay in finding our destination can be really frustrating. Follow the above-mentioned solutions and instructions to solve any problem you might have when it comes to your GPS.

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