Why Was GPS Developed

For many, Global Positioning System or GPS is among the finest inventions of the tech-savvy world, providing a major impact on the daily lives of millions around the globe. It has widespread use for determining, navigating, tracking, and mapping a location. Are you eager to know why was GPS developed? If yes, then keep on reading.

In this article, we will provide you with every bit of the information about the history as well as the reasons behind the development of Global Positioning System and GPS-ready devices.

How GPS Came to Be

As with anything else, in order to learn about the primary purpose of the invention of GPS, one must know its history first. This is so that we can learn about the circumstances that led to the need for inventing GPS.

Initially, GPS was just a satellite-based radio navigation system that was designed especially for the Government and Air Force of the United States of America. However, with time, it evolved into something that has a more general purpose.

Read below to learn a few facts that led to the launching of the first GPS:

  • The very first GPS technology was used for military purposes back in 1970.
  • The very first use of the Transit Navigation System was done by the U.S. Navy in 1965.
  • The initial purpose to launch the GPS was to help the submarines with navigation.
  • The need to establish a fool-proof system led to the development of GPS in 1973.

In 1973, the launch of the very first GPS technology took place with the aim to serve a military purpose. Civilians could not use GPS before the 1980s. However, as soon as the commercial use of GPS began, it almost instantly gained popularity among the masses.

The improvisation of GPS devices was possible only with the help of recent technological advancements. This allowed the U.S. military to attain critical positioning abilities and to gather its information accurately. However, later on, GPS was used by almost all militaries in the world, and by the general public as well.

GPS was first used during the renowned Persian Gulf War. The U.S. forces used GPS navigation tech for maneuvering and tracking troops. However, the implementation of the under-developed GPS navigation had its fair share of major setbacks.

For example, Iraqi forces managed to jam GPS navigation using jamming devices that reflected the vulnerability of GPS.

On Modern GPS Trackers

You can easily underestimate the ability of a Global Positioning System device due to its small size. Yet, this tiny device has many capabilities that one can’t even imagine.

We believe you must have heard about the famous phrase, “big things come in small packages”. Well, this phrase is a perfect explanation of the GPS. This small packet can provide loads of information related to geolocation and time to a receiver located at any corner of the earth.

Why Was GPS Developed?

The latest mobile GPS app that lets you stalk your friend’s location was only made possible thanks to the most recent technological advancements. These technological feats allowed for the modernization of GPS devices.

Today, every industrial sector is taking advantage of the benefits that come with using GPS. This, in turn, enhances their overall productivity. However, many still wonder why was GPS developed in the first place. Here are the most common reasons why:

For Navigation

During the 1980s, it was becoming increasingly difficult for soldiers to communicate with one another. Obviously, they did not have phones back then. Thus, there was an immense need to develop a system that can allow soldiers to not only communicate effectively but can even find suspicious objects in darkness.

For Tracking

There were many instances reported where the army was involved in killing innocent people due to a mere misunderstanding. Thus, the military was in immense need to establish a system that could allow them to track their suspects and assure whether the suspect is hostile or not. This awesome device enabled the army to form special GPS devices to find their targets.

Guidance for Missile Movement

Did you ever wonder why the missile attacks by army never tend to damage the inside territory of the country? Well, the credit goes to GPS. It allows advanced missiles to follow a trajectory precisely to hit only the target specified.

For Efficient Rescue and Search Operations

The primary purpose of the army and the navy is to ensure the security of the masses. With the ability to track locations and paths effectively, the development of the GPS system thereby allowed for carrying out efficient rescue and search operations.

Most Common Commercial Use of GPS

When you look at the world around you, it is clear that GPS technology, specifically, GPS navigation, has now taken over our lives. In essence, one cannot even book an online cab service without using GPS navigation to inform the driver about their pick-up location.

Aside from that, the use of GPS navigation systems has also improved food delivery services. Back in the day, you had to guide the delivery guy about every single turn he will have to make before he reaches your doorstep. Today, that tedious process is now long gone.

As a matter of fact, GPS is now commonly used by people to find directions. There are many people around the globe who are bad at remembering directions, and that is what GPS is here to solve. In fact, that is the mere reason for the invention of GPS. This wonderful invention has created the world a better place where no one can ever be lost.

Final Words

The GPS or Global Positioning System has proved to be of tremendous significance to the military. It has helped troops to remain in touch with others or identify their possible targets.

Although this technology started as something used only by the army, it quickly penetrated into mainstream society due to its wide-scale applications.

Still, many argue that the enhanced use of GPS navigation may create privacy concerns and leave civilians vulnerable. Nevertheless, individuals cannot deny the outweighing advantages and ease that the GPS has provided to people.

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